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“The Crystal's Hot Seat ,” is a weekly newsmagazine that gets the real in-depth report about prevalent issues. The 6 week series premiered on KSHV-TV 45 to viewers across the Ark-La-Tex. The show’s host, Crystal Whitman, puts guests on the “The Hot Seat” to get to the truth. Topics range from hard news coverage to politics, business, health, and entertainment Louisiana style.


Crystal Whitman,Tony Casson, and Mac Bradley

Executive Producers:

Mac Bradley, Tony Casson and Anthony Hall Sr.

Social Media Managers:

Mac Bradley, and Madalan Williams

To book an interview with one of the show’s executive producers, call Mac Bradley(318) 286-0483.

Artist Of The Month

About Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq was born on May 14, 1966, as Charles Ray Wiggins. He was born in Oakland, California and is an American citizen. He was the second-youngest of 14 siblings and half-siblings. Raphael Saadiq has been prone to crisis in life right from his formative years, as many of his siblings died at an early age. One of his brothers was murdered when he was just seven. A sister died of a car crash, and another brother overdosed and died of his heroin addiction.

Raphael Saadiq Biography 2019 Share
However, unlike many artists who channelize their tragedies into their music, Raphael believed that his music should not turn into a complaint of his misfortunes. He said that the tragedies affected him, but it did not define his work, and neither did it reflect as the only theme of his work. He was into music since his childhood and that led him towards bass guitar at an early age.

He was part of a local gospel group in which he began singing from the young age of 9. The Gospel Hummingbirds was another group he joined in his teenage years. His breakthrough came when in 1984, he was chosen to play bass in a backing band for renowned singer Sheila E during the Prince’s Parade Tour. He continued to play as a backing bass guitarist in Prince’s tours and event for the next two years.

Personal Life

Raphael Saadiq has not married yet, but it was rumoured that he was in a relationship with the British singer, Joss Stone from 2007-2008. After the short-lived relationship, he has never been reported to have dated someone and currently is single.

Professional Career

Raphael Saadiq after finishing his stint with Prince returned to Oakland and formed the dance trio group, Tony! Toni! Toné! in which he served as the vocalist and bass guitarist. The group consisted of family members, brother Dwayne Wiggins and cousin Timothy Christian. The group separated in 1997, but before that, they witnessed their own share of stardom in the 1980s and 1990s. He also produced his biggest solo hit till now, “Ask of You” while being a member of this group, in 1995.

Raphael Saadiq then went on to collaborate on an R&B supergroup titled Lucy Pearl, along with Dawn Robinson and Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Their sole album was “Lucy Pearl” which came out in 1999.

Raphael Saadiq is an artist known for his famed collaborations with numerous big shots, like Mary J. Blige, Angie Stone, Mac Dre, Snoop Dogg, Whitney Houston and Q Tip among others.

Awards and Nominations

Raphael Saadiq’s international recognition for film music came with the song “Mighty River” from “Mudbound” (2017) for which he was nominated along with co-writers Mary J. Blige and Taura Stinson in the “Original Song” category at both the Academy Awards, 2018 and the Golden Globes, 2018.

Raphael has been nominated for the Grammys a staggering 13 times. For his collaboration with Tony! Toni! Toné! in 1994 for “Anniversary”, he received two nominations along with other group members at the Grammys. In 2001, Raphael Saadiq was nominated in the category “Best R&B Song” for “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” which he wrote. For his album, “Instant Vintage” which released in 2003, he was nominated in five categories, out of which he won one. He won the “Best R&B Song” for the song “Be Here” (feat. D’Angelo). The other song which was nominated in the same year was “Love of My Life (An Ode to Hip-Hop)” apart from the album itself being nominated. In the years 2005, 2007 and 2009, Raphael Saadiq was nominated in similar categories at the Grammys. He received the last nomination at the Grammys in 2012 in the category, “Best Traditional R&B Performance” for his song, “Good Man”.

However, that’s not all, Raphael has been a hit in the indie circle as well and has been nominated at the BET awards in 2009 in the category, “BET Centric Award”. He was also nominated in 2009 and 2011 at the Soul Train Music Awards. He won in 2011 in the category, “Centric Award”.

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